Inq-ITS: virtual labs that help students learn authentic science inquiry practices, and give teachers feedback on how their students conduct inquiry

A focus on inquiry

Apprendis' flagship product, Inq-ITS, reflects years of research into how students conduct inquiry, how they learn from it, and how to measure the practice of scientific inquiry. Inq-ITS challenges students to "show what they know" by demonstrating skills for every aspect of inquiry - hypothesizing, collecting data, analyzing data, and communicating findings.  A classroom dashboard enables teachers to monitor their students' progress as they work so they can give them targeted help when they need it most. Inq-ITS also includes an automated helper who can jump-in with personalized help for the student if the teacher is not available, or if they are working at home.

Inq-ITS helps middle school students hone their authentic scientific inquiry skills. Simultantiously, educators get real-time, actionable data on their students’ performance so they can tailor instruction.

Inq-ITS for Middle School Physical Science will be launching soon!  See for more information.