About Apprendis

Collaborative Partners

Apprendis was founded 2012 through a collaboration of three partners - Janice Gobert, Michael Sao Pedro, and Cameron Betts.  All three had worked together at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Learning Science & Technology program.

Apprend is to learn

Apprendis takes its name from the Latin root apprend, meaning to learn. When spoken, apprendis sounds very similar to apprentice. The apprentice learning model involves close observation, and immediate, individualized feedback, all important facets that apprendis embodies in its educational products.

Janice Gobert

Janice Gobert is a Professor of Learning Sciences at Rutgers University. Her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto (1994) is in Cognitive Science, and her Masters is from the Dept. of Educational Psychology, McGill University. Her specialty is in technology-based learning. Janice previously worked as a Senior Research Scientist at the Concord Consortium (http://www.concord.org), an educational research and development organization in Concord, MA. Janice’s earlier work at CC can be seen at http://mtv.concord.org and http://mac.concord.org. Until December 2007, Janice served as North American Editor for the International Journal of Science Education.


Michael Sao Pedro


Michael Sao Pedro holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science / Learning Sciences from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  Before joining the Learning Sciences program at WPI, he was employed as a Senior Software Engineer for BAE Systems, Advanced Information Technologies (AIT), formerly ALPHATECH, Inc. where he specialized in the design and development of intelligent automated and human-in-the loop planning and scheduling systems for the military. He returned to pursue his PhD in learning sciences due to return to his love and passion for education.

Sao Pedro is an avid competitive classic video gamer and pinball player. He holds several world records on classic arcade and pinball titles as tracked by the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard.

Cameron Betts

Cameron Betts holds a M.Sc. in Learning Science and Technology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has worked as a Human Computer Interaction consultant and as an Information Architect for clients in the pharmaceutical and financial industries including Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, and Pfizer. He is curious about spatial and social dynamics, how information drives behavior, and complex systems.

Cameron has recently completed the design and construction of a community-focused EcoVillage near Boston, Massachusetts, and enjoys games and interactive literature.